The History of Sports Professional Management

Sports Professional Management was founded in 1987.  Lewis S. Gross, a practicing CPA holding a Masters Degree in Taxation, started the firm with just one player, Denis Potvin, Hall of Fame defenseman of the New York Islanders.  Lewis worked with Denis, one of the greatest hockey players of all-time, to properly prepare him for retirement.  As his career was winding down, Denis knew that it was important to engage the services of a professional to properly negotiate his last contract, and provide him with an intelligent financial plan.

Over the following two years, Mr. Gross structured a plan that allowed Denis financial independence.  Through deferred compensation, contract restructuring, retirement funding and debt free purchases, Mr. Gross set up a plan that would give Denis financial security as he entered retirement.  In addition, he taught Denis how to take control of his own finances.  Denis subsequently retired from hockey with the knowledge that he was prepared and financially secure for life after hockey.

When Mr. Gross began the firm, he envisioned creating a small independent agency, which would offer its clients excellent service and personalized attention.  This was the focus of the firm back then and remains the focus today.  During the 1990’s there was a wave of mergers and consolidations in the sports agency business.  Sports Professional Management resisted these overtures, and remained independent in order to maintain the personal client contact that the firm was founded on.  Today, the firm represents over 60 players and still offers the same personal attention as it did in 1987 with its first client.

Today, Sports Professional Management is considered one of the leading sports agencies in the industry.  We have represented Hall of Famers, All-Stars, and league MVP’s.  We also helped one of our clients to receive the largest arbitration award in the history of the National Hockey League.  The success of the firm continues but our focus has not changed. We will continue to remain a small independent firm that stresses quality over quantity.  Sports Professional Management works very hard for every one of our clients, and it is a privilege to represent each person that puts their trust in our firm.



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